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Your Assistance in All Teaching-Related Matters

Are you a young aspiring teacher? An old veteran? A student on his way to achieving qualification? A parent who wants to be more involved in the school life of his child? Then this blog is just for you. Here you will find information about various components of a teacher’s life, protocols, explanations and practical advice. Do not miss your opportunity to become savvier in the field you work or want to work in.

However, first things first. Let us start with explaining what we do exactly. Our blog is an endeavor to help teachers in their work. No matter how experienced and well qualified a teacher is, sooner or later he will stumble over a certain problem. Students with special needs, teaching approaches, methods and techniques, etc… It would be a mistake to think that an old experienced teacher has all the answers. The world is developing, new devices and methods of work are invented almost on a daily basis, and their implementation is one of a teacher’s primary concerns. Consequently, he might need some assistance with amending his old techniques. Similarly, young teachers need a helping hand in the matters they lack experience in. All in all, every teacher could use some help, and we are happy to render it.

On the other hand, our blog is designed not only for teachers, but also for those people who only dream of a teaching career. That’s why we included posts about teaching assistants and their roles, as well as how to become one. Therefore, everyone that has something to do with teaching will find something useful in our blog.

Our writing team consists of writers with different backgrounds. Some of them are teachers ready to share their experience. Others are TA’s who can explain all the peculiarities of the job. The rest ones are freelance writers and bloggers interested in the field. We are all united by our intention to be useful to every teacher out there. It is OK to need help sometimes – you can’t know everything. Sometimes friendly practical advice might save you days and weeks of time, not to mention mistakes. Think of our blog as a conference room, where teaching specialists can meet and share their ideas and experience. Make no mistake, we will be glad to hear from you as well. Unilateral mentoring is not our policy. What we really seek to facilitate is an open dialogue where people with similar interests can communicate.

If this is for you, welcome to our blog. We publish our posts as often as possible, trying to address the most painful issues. Use comments to provide feedback and share your own ideas with us.

Hoping for your attention.

Sincerely, teachassist.net.