View on programs of ACS Cobham International School


The special pride of the school is the good results of final exams for IB program. Last academic year, the proportion of successful candidates was 93%, it was handed by 55 diplomas.
Benefits ACS Cobham International School:

1. High standards of education
2. The comprehensive development of the child’s personality
3. The emphasis on academic interests and goals of each student
4. Rich and flexible curriculum
5. The development of analytical thinking and creative skills
6. responsible development, the desire for knowledge and success without use term paper writing
7. The international atmosphere on campus

Elementary school (6-10 years)

• Using the game tasks for the development of positive social interaction and ability to communicate with other children.
• The early development of reading skills by using innovative techniques.
• Development of creative abilities and critical thinking.
• Identify training purposes in accordance with US, British and international standards.
• Early adaptation to international schools, which enables a successful transition to high school.

The studied subject areas:

• Arts
• Music
• French
• Dance and movement
• Physical Education
• Computer and Information Technology
• Reading
• The skills of social interaction

High school (10-14 years)

• Intensive study of mathematics, social sciences, English, science, foreign language (Spanish or French).
• A wide range of other academic subjects: art, music, drama, information technology, a healthy lifestyle and exercise.
• Learning requires the active involvement and provides an independent and group work.
• Development of self-reliance, the ability to make decisions and form opinions.
• Standardized tests in mathematics, reading and writing, which gives objective information on the level and pace of study of the subject.
• A rich program of extra-curricular activities: sports, work, study visits, evening social events.

High school (14-18 years)

Advanced Placement:

The program provides for the exams in four subjects from the three academic areas. You must select two items from the first group, one – of the second or third one – optionally from the remaining groups.
International Baccalaureate (IB)

• Age: 16-18 years
• Duration – 2 years
• 6 academic subjects (3 subjects in depth + 3-piece standard)
• Writing deployed essay (individual research project, up to 4000 words)
• A course on theory of knowledge
• Sport, creative and cultural program

There are studies in one academic subject of the following six groups:

•Second language
•Social sciencies
• Experimental Science
• Mathematics and Computer Science
• Art or the subject in the humanities, natural sciences, languages

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