The process of writing an argumentative essay:

  • The first step involved in writing any essay is planning, and an argumentative essay is not an exception to this rule.
  • Writing an argumentative essay requires research because the points to be made in the essay must be made on the foundation of valid data.
  • The next aspect of planning involves chronologically arranging the flow of ideas in order to maintain coherence in the essay.

  • When writing an argumentative essay, it is imperative to note that the first person perspective is used in a bid to drive home the ideas contained in the essay. Every paragraph needs to communicate an idea for the sake of clarity.
  • The choice of words is also paramount. In as much as the first person perspective is used, the tone of the essay should be formal, and the arguments made should be free from bias.
  • The essay should be as objective as possible. Grammatical mistakes are present in a large fraction of essays; it is crucial to go over your work to make sure that grammar and punctuation are correct.
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Steps involved in writing a persuasive essay:

Writing a persuasive essay is slightly different from writing an argumentative essay. The objective of a persuasive essay is to evoke a reaction from the reader. Apart from planning, the crucial aspect of a persuasive essay is the choice of words. The choice of words should be interesting so that the reader can read the whole essay and this is the hardest part when writing a persuasive essay.

Persuasive essays usually cover a broad range of topics. The topics may include politics, the economy or even the current state of affairs in a given institutions. Writing services also cover persuasive essays, and any interested individual can get these services at an affordable rate. The turnover of the essays is rapid, and the quality of the work produced is top notch.

Writing a compare and contrast essay:

A compare and contrast essay constitutes one of the four commonly written essays.

  • Writing a compare and contrast essay involves highlighting the similarities and differences between the two topics under discussion.
  • This essay is divided into five sections.
  • The first section is the title, and it should give the readers a preview of what the article will discuss.
  • The next portion of this article is the introduction that is critical in laying out the intent of the essay.
  • The next part is the body of the essay. This is the main part of the essay that has to be coherent and structured. The first portion of the essay may highlight the similarities of the topics under discussion while the remainder of the essay will dwell on the differences. It is paramount to discuss the similarities and the differences in equal measure.
  • The next segment is the acknowledgment. In this part, the discussion takes into account any difference in opinions that may exist and the point is trying to justify why the other perspectives may be flawed.
  • The conclusion is the final part of the essay. The role of the conclusion is, to review, the information contained in the article.
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