Secrets of Fruitful Cooperation with TA

Teacher’s work isn’t a dolce vita. Instead, these are hours on end spent on searching sources, inventing interesting activities and checking piles of tests. Fortunately, there are teaching assistants who are meant to support instructors and boost learning and training progress. Said enough, but teaching assistants’ potential isn’t made maximum use of or misemployed all together.

Still, teachers can change the situation for the better, utilizing methods to boost the effectiveness of their support staff.

Spell your teaching goals out with TA

Few teachers discuss learning issues with their assistants, thereby complicating own work and even worsening students’ performance. But it is vital to make a TA aware of lesson plans and objectives to be achieved. Teaching assistant should also be in touch with the situation to be able to take teacher’s place and conduct classes if the latter is absent or late for some reasons.

Cooperate at classes

Afford your assistant conduct classes with you. To avoid the mess during lessons, do the teaching in turns, exchanging various activities. Such collaborative class conduction has many advantages. First, it strengthens teaching assistant’s authority, secondly, it helps create a remarkable atmosphere in the class, which promotes students’ working capacity and boosts their interest towards learning.

Vest more power in TA

Empower TA to perform duties on equal terms with you. Naturally, these should be decisions and actions that conform to the rules set by you in the class and that are not at odds with teaching techniques you have elaborated. Be sure, that benefits of such move will not be long in coming. To begin with, it will get class work on the right track, in the second place, this will serve a good example of teamwork. Furthermore, your teaching assistant, being in the picture of class work, will always manage to standby for you.

Analyze, evaluate and give advice

Similarly to assessing students work, evaluate your teaching assistant’s performance. Point at drawbacks in his/her activity having analyzed them previously and don’t forget to emphasize achievements and encourage TA for new attainments. So, if you are a teacher up to your ears in work, don’t neglect the opportunity to simplify your life, make teaching and learning process more productive and educate another specialist.