Recognizing Straight-A Students


  1. If top students miss a class, they will let their teacher know ahead of time. If they have a deadline and are afraid of missing it, they will be using research paper writing services to their advantage. They will never skip lectures if they know their favorite teacher is going to be present, and most importantly, they can make studying process fun.
  2. A successful student takes time to finish the work. If you see that you can’t make it, inform your teacher of the outcome and make sure that your essay reflects care and attention. Be focused in class. There is so much going on outside, isn’t it? But you have to pull yourself together and concentrate on studies. Moreover, turn off the phone so you won’t feel the desire to write a text or two when the lecture is at its peak. Think of the notes you are making, and keep that in mind.
  3. Make the most out of an extra task. If your teacher gives you a prompt or a sample question, visit them in those hours when there is no one in the office and express your appreciation for what they do. You can also strike a conversation with a teaching assistant. Assistants are people who are actively involved in the process of learning and are willing to help if you are asking for a tip.
  4. Learn outside of class. Change your locations. If you are used to sitting in the quiet, try to be around people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to talk to people. Simply working on your laptop while your friends chat or mind their own business is enough to rock your preparation. Besides, the overall collective atmosphere will work like magic, if your team is also getting ready for an exam!
  5. Imagine you are in a gym and the personal instructor you love and respect is talking about a workout plan. You can come three times a week or you can have a six-hour session once a day. Most of us would choose the first option, because it is painful to think of the state you are going to find yourself in after six straight hours with your instructor. The same applies to your studying routine. There is no use in saving it for the last day. Instead of cramming, the method you’ve always been practicing, try something original, like planning your routine beforehand. Organizing may seem boring, we know, especially if you are a bit of an artist and love to have personal freedom, but it is helpful in terms of prepping. Allocate time for important activities and rest evenly, and you will see that you can get ready without having to sit up late. Besides, getting enough sleep guarantees your successful performance just as a self-planner does.