How to Write an Argumentative Research Paper

Those who have written a few argumentative papers already and are looking for an extensive guide on how to do it properly should probably skip this post – we won’t revealing any top secrets here.

The same goes for argumentative research paper topic ideas. Our article is for those who don’t have the slightest idea about what an argumentative paper is. Here, we explain the requirements set to this kind of assignment and its general structure so that you coulee proceed to reading more about it with some basic knowledge.

So, first of all – what is an argumentative research paper? In short, it is a paper where you take a stance and prove it right. Yes, as easy as that. There are millions of topics and themes that cause various opinions, and augmenting one is what you should do in an argumentative paper.

The structure of an argumentative paper is extremely simple and logical. You start with an introduction where you provide some background information and formulate your thesis, i.e. the main statement you will be proving through your writing.

When the introduction is ready, you proceed to the main part. In most cases, the main part of your paper at consists of a few paragraphs (three in the smallest papers) where you provide facts and examples to support your thesis statement. Each paragraph should represent an individual argument and refute counter-arguments.

The conclusions should summarize what you have already said. Do not simply repeat your thesis – rather reformulate it.

In fact, writing an argument paper is not as difficult as it might seem in the beginning.

What would make a good topic for argumentative research paper?

The only requirement there is for research paper topics is that they should be, well, arguable. “Smoking is bad” would not make a good topic simply because no one would argue it. “Smoking can be good” on the other hand…

If you have chosen a certain topic, run the following check: ask yourself whether it would worth a fight with someone? If another person would stick to an opposite opinion, would you want to jus strangle him to prove yourself right? If your topic is able to stir that kind of passion, then you are moving in the right direction.

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