Finding Good Words for Essays

In essay writing, just like in any other type of activity, there are certain rules and life hacks that can help you reduce the effort and increase efficiency. They might differ greatly: writing templates, algorithms, schemes, etc.

Some follow the 5-word rule where you define as many synonyms as possible for 5 words (yes, no, very, good and bad) and then use them to boost your writing. Others prefer to follow their very own sequences of writing. In any case, developing your own pool of knowledge is a very smart thing to do, as it will save you time by order of magnitude. A collection of transitions words, for example, is one of the most frequently used tools.

Some great transition words for essays

What are transition words? The words used to link ideas, no matter what their relations are – comparison, contrast, etc. They help your reader to follow your train of thought, which might become a little obscure from time to time. Also, they provide a framework for your writing. Some students even use transition words to create a framework for their future paper and then fill it with words.

What are some transition words for essays?

There are plenty of transition words that can be classified by their function:

  1. Contradiction: in contrast, although this may be true, on the other hand, different from, on the contrary, in spite of, despite, though, even so, still, nevertheless, nonetheless, regardless of, however, but, albeit;
  1. Similarity and addition: similarly, in the same way, by the same token, equally, likewise, similarly, equivalently, in the same manner, in the same degree, correspondingly, furthermore, additionally, besides, moreover, also, at the same time, in a like manner.
  1. Summarizing: to summarize, altogether, by and large, to sum up, all in all, generally speaking, all things considered, in the long run, after all, in summary, in conclusion, in short, to conclude.
  1. Cause: because, as a result of, as long as, be reason of, by virtue of, due to, for, for the reason that, in view of, on the grounds that, owing to, since, thanks to, whereas
  1. Examples: for example, for instance, to demonstrate, to illustrate;
  1. Purpose: for the purpose of, so as to, so that, to the end that, lest, with this in mind, in order to, with this intention, aiming at, in the hope that;
  1. Result: therefore, consequently, as a result, in consequence, under the circumstances, as a consequence, hence, so, thus;

Naturally, this list of transition words for essays is not exhaustive. Our advice would be to try and find as many as you can and then use them whenever you have a paper to write. This pool of synonyms will increase the speed of your writing and also will make sure that the reader understands the relation between the ideas/facts/concepts you describe. It is one of the most powerful tools to increase productivity and make the process of essay writing much easier for you.